Issue #18: Nobody else holds you back 🔙

Its time to stop making excuses and take action...

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And now, this weeks topic: Nobody else holds you back 🔙

Excuses all the time 😞

I make excuses all the time. Whether it's in my work life or my personal life, I'm always just hiding the fact that I'm very disorganized. I forget things and honestly I just don't want to do things sometimes. Sometimes it's a bad thing and I tend to procrastinate and get into this funk; but at the core these excuses are holding me back.

Recently, we purchased an ambulance and I kept psyching myself out of it by using excuses as to why we shouldn’t have gotten it until we decided to just run with it. This has gotten worse after breaking parts and it not starting it for a while. The excuse? I'm afraid of breaking it again.

I'm also working on launching Salesforce courses, and pursuing creating a private equity firm to aquire assets and companies.

But I have been afraid of creating courses because I'm afraid of how people will think of me as a person, with the thoughts that I have around using Salesforce effectively. I also often feel that I have a different opinion about how to do things. I really don't like that we overcomplicate Salesforce orgs and try to make it so the only thing that sales reps do when they’re using the platform is log activity, instead of taking a look at data and improving how they're selling, or perhaps just making things easier on the end user, so they can spend more time selling.

I've been afraid about this private equity idea because honestly I hate private equity firms. I hate how they are ran, I hate the massive amount of debt they take on for no reason, and I hate the fact that many of them are used to strip good companies of assets. Now I'm taking the approach of going after things other than SaaS and software, but people are saying that this is not a good idea because it's not as profitable. But I'm more interested in assets that I understand such as content, information or productized services than going after SaaS companies. These people who are inserting their opinions get in my head and just kind of lead me astray, even though their points and concerns are valid. Because of this, I tend to not really express my true feelings about everything.

These are just some of the examples of ideas that I have avoided doing, or made excuses about.

It's kind of funny, everyday I have a struggle inside where I constantly doubt myself and create excuses. It could be anything from getting upset about how I sound on camera, or just something as stupid as the internet going out. I make an excuse not to do anything that I do not want to do at that time.

And I just keep getting held back because of that.

I'm full of bright ideas and interesting ways of doing things, but I tend to not execute on any of these ideas.

I didn't let those excuses hold me back like they did in the past with options trading or just other risks that I've wanted to take throughout life that I've never really taken.

I am doing things the way I want to now.

I'm actually doing things instead of dreaming about them.

Those with ADHD (and even those without) tend to get comfortable, and that’s not always a great thing to do. You should be challenging yourself and making less excuses. Below are some of my lessons from these and past experiences.

Figure out the cause 🤔

The first thing to do is figure out why you are making these excuses. For me it's always been a fear of uncertainty, being uncomfortable, and the fear of being broke again basically. That’s why I was a little bit hesitant to get the ambulance, start recording salesforce courses and researching how to build my empire via business acquisitions.

Because I was afraid of the unknown it was holding me back, but once I figured that out I was able to do to move on to the next steps.

Make baby steps to change 🤱

Once you figure out the cause of your excuses, it's time to make change. Breaking down why you have these excuses, you can do this through many different ways... whether it's getting outside of your comfort zone, doing something new or just being a more honest person.

The point here is to go forward to make changes once you figure out what is going on.

If something bad happens, it’s part of the growth 🌱

Figuring out your excuses is the first part; accepting whatever happens after that is the hard part. If things don’t go your way and you make a wrong decision, it’s okay to be upset for a minute; but it’s time to move forward and learn from your mistakes.

Don’t dwell or fill yourself with self doubt because you may have failed this time. Most successful people have had many failures preceding their success. To fail is to grow.

Onward 🚀

To Sum it up:

  • Figure out the cause 🤔

  • Make baby steps to change 🤱

  • If something bad happens, it‘s part of the growth 🌱

Don't hold yourself back. That's the worst thing you can do, and you are much better than that.

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Until Next time,

Mr. Trash 🦝