Just checking in & Updates 😄

Things are changing in Mr. Trash's world...

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to send a brief note this week, to checkin and see how things are going.

I love hearing from my subscribers, you guys are the main reason that I keep writing and sharing my thoughts every week.

Let me know what cool things you are up to, and if you have a specific topic you want me to talk about in the future. 😊 Just respond to this email or send me a Tweet @Mrtrash757

This week begins a new chapter with TrashPandaThoughts. I'm changing the format of the newsletter a little bit, making it more casual and more focused on telling stories. I'm also going to start adding some personal updates about the cool projects I am working on. Once the issue drops this Thursday, I will be curious to get some feedback about what you like and don't like about the format. I want to to thank you all for subscribing and joining me on this journey so far. I'm excited to keep going forward with this and continue writing.

Stay tuned!

See you Thursday,

Mr. Trash 🦝